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The IQTITM Concise IQ Test provides you with a fast and accurate way to discover your IQ score. With no assumed knowledge required, it is designed so that anyone whether of school-age or higher education is on equal footing to outperform. 

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Whether you’re a high academic achiever or not, this test is for you. It will help you…

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There is no study requirement to perform well in our IQ Test. Discover how your test performance compares to millions of other intelligent people like you in over 97 countries.

Restore Or Boost Your Confidence

If you’ve long been curious to discover your IQ or maybe you just want to check that your rational mind is still at the top of its game, this test could give you the confidence boost you need.

Help You Prepare

Whether you are preparing for a general ability test for school admission or for that dream job, success is achieved through preparation and familiarity. Our tests can help you with both.

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Fast IQ Score Validation

After you complete your IQ test, you will be provided with an instant high-level IQ assessment as either above average, moderate or below average to give you a sense of your final score.

As an upgrade to your experience, you may purchase your IQ Results Package which includes our fast IQ score validation service, your personalized IQ Performance report for as little as $9.99.

When you order your package, your exact IQ score will be validated together with your report in minutes!

100% Ad-Free Testing Experience

While many online IQ test providers display advertisements during their tests, we do not.

Users report that advertisements distract their focus and lead to lower the overall test experience. We found they also create test bias by reducing average user performance.

Transparent Test Feedback

Feedback is essential for effective self-improvement and learning.

Unlike other test providers, we offer detailed test feedback including question-by-question solutions based feedback on your test performance, so you know how to improve.

Personalized Test Performance Insight

What’s an IQ score without meaning and insight?

Get more than just a score. We offer a personalised IQ performance report to help you understand what your IQ score means to you.

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