IQ Test Institute: Helping people of all ages discover their intellectual potential

"Patterns are all around us. They underpin how we see the world, how we think and how we relate to one another,...

...patterns shape who we are "

Our mission is to help people of all ages discover their intellectual potential.

You might be surprised to learn that we actually don’t see a lot of value in an IQ score by itself.

“Wait… what did you just say?!”

Yes, you heard me right.

What we believe matters more than your score is feedback…

… and the quality of feedback and insight that one gets from an IQ test is crucial to helping them achieve their intellectual potential.

Not the score alone.

If an IQ test were a story, your IQ score would be the start, feedback would be the middle and the insight you gain is the end.

Just as no story is complete without a middle and an end, no IQ test is complete without feedback and insight.

IQ Test Institute

When you think of it in these terms, why someone would pay for an IQ score alone sounds absolutely crazy.

But here’s the punchline:
most people do.

It’s not their fault. They do it because they don’t really have a choice. 


…because practically every IQ test provider sits comfortably in the business of selling IQ scores.

Rarely do they provide insightful feedback.

Rarely do they tell the full story.

Feedback from a carefully designed IQ test can help you understand how you perceive the world around you.

There are motivational patterns that drive you, that gravitate you towards certain pursuits.

There are patterns within bad habits that drive you to stress and procrastination.

The patterns in your mind and environment and how you perceive them, directly affects how you make decisions.

It’s amazing how many IQ test providers don’t even discuss this deeper connection between patterns and quality decision-making.

Let me describe how your typical IQ test experience goes elsewhere:

					Do IQ Test
Pay money
Receive IQ score
(The end)

If you ask me, I’d say that’s a pretty disappointing experience.

But it turns out that ‘disappointment’ is exactly what people experience with IQ testing every day in their droves.

We’ve conducted over 4 million IQ tests to date and we’ve had the sincere privilege of surveying thousands of our customers to understand their greatest displeasure from taking IQ tests online …

Here is what they told us were their 3 biggest let-downs:

(how many of these resonate with you?)

1. Undisclosed fees

They report having felt misled after having been invited to a seemingly free IQ test only to find out after completing the test that they must pay for their results.

2. No transparency

They complain about feeling doubtful about the IQ test provider after receiving a low score and not being told why.

3. No feedback

They reported having felt lost and abandoned after purchasing their IQ results but not knowing what they really meant.

Our pledge to every new customer:

  1. Give each customer a high-level IQ assessment upon test completion.

  2. That they receive insightful feedback and transparency on every IQ test.

  3. That they can walk away from our test receiving what they came for and a whole lot more.

“We want you to get more than what you came for"

Millions of intelligent people from over 97 countries have experienced our tests and discovered their intellectual potential. 

They’ve told us about the new perspective and confidence they’ve gained after their experience with us.

This is a taste of the kind of experience we want for you too.

So if you haven’t yet, ...

Now’s the time to discover your intellectual potential too by completing your IQ test today.