Hear from our customers 

Check your email people!! :p

I thought I'd be scammed or something. I paid and nothing came through. Turns out I'd put the wrong email in. I put in 'uahoo' instead of 'yahoo'. I'm such a [email protected]! lol They managed to work it out and had my report to me within 30 minutes. It was all good in the end. Thanks guys :)

Denise New Zealand

Made a mistake

I hit the payment button twice. When I checked my statement I saw two charges and got worried. I couldn't believe it when they emailed me to offer an immediate refund on the 2nd payment. Most companies don't do that. I was really impressed!

Mike New Zealand


My son liked the certificate. It was a good experience.

Alvin UAE

Frictionless experience

My results came through frictionlessly. Report was straight to the point - no fluff. The portal had a bundle of great resources which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Carol UK

Customer support was fantastic!

I spelt my name incorrectly and asked to have it changed on the certificate and report. I read some other IQ test site reviews saying how other companies basically ignore their customers once they get your money. Well, the customer service I experienced was second to none. They corrected and applied the changes, at no extra cost and did so within 20 minutes. Excellent customer service is an understatement.

Sean Ireland

Highly recommended

Surprisingly informative report. Highly recommended and fast delivery too!

Rae New Zealand

I loved it. Due to technical glitch, I have to wait for my report and they offered full refund, that was great. I will plan to take the Comprehensive test again later sometime soon.

Biswajit Das India

Didn't have to email them

I could not find my results. I did not want to email support becaues of the language problem (I hate speaking English...). Luckily I found them in my junk folder. Everything was there.

Eduardo Belgium

REally happy!

The test was a bit expensive for me. But they had a promotion on the email which made it more worth it. I'm glad I tried it.

Prashant India

Updated daily

Customer service informed me they update their IQ scores daily which gave me confidence the results were population representative. I was impressed with the report!

Arda Turkey

I heard Joe Rogan did one

I only did it because Joe Rogan did one. It was kinda cool.

Hilda Finland

Precision accuracy

High speed delivery. Accurate test and excellent report. I enjoyed the experience. Cheers

Sarah Switzerland

Best test online!!!!!!!

This test is by far the best online. Look no further!

Shane Ireland

Transparency was the highlight

I have taken just about every test online and this is the ONLY ONE that provides feedback! I've experienced providers being quite rude when you ask for feedback. You don't need to with this test, it's part of the report. This was the highlight for me.

Rick USA

Great experience :)))

Excellent customer support! Highly recommended! :)

Ivar USA

Email lost in spam

I read all these reviews about fast service but mine took a while which raised some doubts. I later checked my spam folder and there it was. I was just about to give these guys a bad review!! In the end I got everything I paid for. The report was awesome. If you're on the fence, don't hesitate. These guys are legit.

Paul Canada

Mensa comparison

I sat the Mensa test 10 years ago and stopped paying my membership a couple of years back. This test was much better value than all of that combined.

Albin Finland

I'd been looking for a test like this for my son

I wanted an IQ test that gave feedback with the score for my teenage son. This service gave me just what I was after.

Maja Sweden

Confidence boost

I like taking these types of tests! I gives me self-confidence and faith in my abilities. This test is my favourite.

Tamar Israel

Loyal customer discount

I've purchased the test results two times now. I think it's a great test but it would be better if they offered a discount for repeat customers.

Laura Netherlands

I loved it

It's the perfect test for those wanting a fast way to measure their IQ.

John Canada

Loved the report!!

The very best. You won't regret it. I loved the report! Wow what great service. Absolutely love you guys!!!

Zara Canada

Awesome experience!

You guys rock! This report was great. The results were sent within 5 minutes. I couldn't believe how fast it was!

Jason USA


I did some other tests by the other providers but read on their reviews on TrustPilot that they don't seem to care about their customers once they take their money. I probably asked these guys about 15 questions and they responded professionally each time. 5-star service all the way.

Luke USA


I enjoyed this IQ Test and recommend it to others!

Paula Italy

Wanted to know

I wanted to know my score for a long time. I gave it a try. It was a nice experience, thank you!

Yasemin Turkey

2nd time was better than 1st

This is the 2nd time I have taken it after some practice. and this time the result was a better than the 1st. You absolutely can improve your IQ with practice.

Laura Ireland

You get what you pay for

After trying about 3 different 'free' IQ Tests. I wasn't convinced they were at all legit. This test offered the best value of them all including the paid alternatives.

Edward USA

Paid twice by accident, got refund

I paid twice by accident. They refunded me the 2nd payment without question. Was back in my Paypal account the same day.

Glenda Singapore

Wish I could do it again

I took longer than the average time. I didn't realise it was timed! I probably would have done it faster if I'd known it was timed.

Ivar Netherlands

Prefer if report was in German

In Germany, we do not have many tests to choose from. My english is not so good but I wanted to tried this one. The report was not difficult to understand and was good for me.

Alan Germany

3rd time now

This is the 3rd time for me to try this test. I really like it.

Gian Marco Germany

Highly recommended

I just wanted to know my IQ score. Now I know. I'm happy with my score. I recommend it to others!

Tobias Germany

Better late than never

For some reason I was always worried about what my IQ score would be. I never finished high school so had that insecurity with me for most of my life. I just turned 60 and thought why not. Turns out I'm above average. 115. I was stoked!!

Gavin New Zealand


This is probably the only iq test online that gives you feedback on your test.

Olivia Sweden

Curteous customer service

I turned 77 last October, and literally crossed my fingers my order would turn up. Fortunately it did and I enjoyed the report. Sally in customer support followed up with me to see I'd received everything which was very kind. Curteous customer service is hard to find these days. Thank you.

Barry UK

Check your junk mail

Got stuck in my junk mail. I thought it was some kind of scam because I was checking my inbox for an hour and started to worry. But it was all good. Customer support followed up and offered to re-send. They were really good about it.

Michael UK

Honest IQ Test Provider

Hands down, MOST HONEST IQ TEST PROVIDER. I accidentily pressed the payment button TWICE! I thought they'd deduct a few IQ points off me for that lol They actually emailed ME not the other way round. They not only offered me a refund but my card was credited the SAME DAY. Highly Recommended!!!!

Sharon USA

Turned out better than I thought

I admit I was kinda skeptical. I chose Paypal just in case. Not that I needed it. Everything they promised was sent within like 10 minutes. All good.

Max Australia

Cheap price

I liked this test very much. It was a good price.

Ana Paula Brazil

Sincere customer support

Thanks to Maria in customer support. You really understand psychometrics. As a fellow student I asked some pretty technical questions but you showed you really gave me comfort this test has been designed properly. I was very impressed! IQTI You should give her a promotion!

Tatien USA

Good for mental calibration

At 74, I took this test to sanity check my mental alertness. As the years go on I find my attention lapsing at times. I found this test a healthy challenge to check my mind is still functioning normally.

Richard USA

63 and still there

I'm 63 now. I did this test to test my cognitive abilities. The score was lower than 15 years ago when I sat a Mensa test. But I understand it is normal for someone my age.

Debra USA

Delay in my order but otherwise good

There was a delay with my delivery. I was a bit bothered about it. They emailed me and eventually it came through about 3 hours later. I got everything I paid for so it's all good.

George USA

Advanced IQ test was so much harder!

I thought the first test was easy. Then I tried the comprehensive iq test. Man! That was hard! But I love brain games. Plus they let you do it as many times as you like. That was sweet.

Pascal Belgium

Nice report

We'll never know if we don't find out. I'm glad I did. The report was very nice.

Angad India

My friend told me about it

I was recommended to it by a close friend. I was a little skeptical at first. But was surprised how close to my expectations the score ended up being. Wow!

Erwin Norway

Time saver

Did the test in 10 minutes. Received the results in 5. Massive time saver.

Aidan Ireland

Raven test

I looked for a Raven test for long time. I liked this test very much. The extra tests and questions inside the membership website was also very fun!

Mete Tahsin Turkey

Fair and genuine test

I'm pretty cynical but I can't think of one negative thing to say. A fair and genuine test.

Janine Ireland

Great experience!

Pleased with the report and the detail therein. Great experience!

Eduard Norway


Awesome test! I really enjoyed it.

Qhodri Malaysia


Top support. Professional report. Very nice. Superb.

Stefan Austria


I thought the test was a bit expensive at first but worth it in the end. I recomend it!

Mike Switzerland

Some questions were ambiguous

For me some of the questions were ambiguous. I didn't agree with the answers but after reading the solution explanations, they made sense.

Judit Norway

Easy report to read

The results report exceeded my expectatations. It showed how my QI compares to others and more. It was easy to understand.

Filipe Portugal

Delivery was quick and easy

The test didn't take long and the results were emailed very quickly. It was a satifying experience. I just regret not taking my time when I did the test.

Carlos Spain

Detailed analysis

Very detailed analysis provided. Recommended!

Leo Spain

Quick and accurate results

Great test. Quick and accurate results.

Gubaji Hong Kong

Past Mensa customer

Actually I did the Mensa test a few years ago. This test is shorter and felt a bit easier but surprisingly the scores came out almost the same. 122 vs 123. I was impressed by the accuracy.

Rick USA


Easy to do. I did on my phone on the sofa and home. Report was fast.

Alexander Austria

Better than free tests

It's not free but the free tests just don't compare to this.

Augusto Brazil

Test feedback is rare

Our son was struggling in school so we tried 3 or 4 paid tests online. This was BY FAR THE BEST. Although our son liked them, this test was the only one that provided transparent feedback. I highly recommend it to others.

Alexander Canada

An authentic test

A very positive experience. An authentic test. One of the best I've done.

Hennie Denmark

Very accurate test

Very accurate test. I scored 137. I practiced a few times before paying for the results. I'm glad I did. I think it helped my score.

Rahul India

Very satisfied!!!

Helped me understand my cognitive strengths. Very satisfied!!!!

Nora Denmark

Accurate IQ test

This test was accurate. I finished mine in 6 minutes. The average is about 12 minutes. I'm happy with my score. 132.

Eva Maria Spain

As promised

Quick delivery. Everything as promised. Very satisfied!

Aleksis Finland

Junk mail

I feel bad for getting angry about not receiving my results. I should have checked my junk mail first! You were right, it was in my junk mail! Sorry! Thanks for your help

Isaac USA

3rd test addict

This is the 3rd IQ Test I've ever taken. I'm kind of addicted. This one was was challenging. I really like the report, it was super insightful.

Julie USA

Cool test

I'm really amazed at the score I got. I fully thought my IQ would be lower. 127. Not bad, I think.

Uzair Malaysia

Best value for money at 20 euros

Very accurate test. Similar result to one I took last year. This one was better value for just 20 euros.

Joachim Austria

Like Mensa but with feedback

I planning to take a Mensa test but it looked to complicated. You had to make an appointment and fuss about going to some hall. Nah. This was much easier. Plus they give you really good feedback which the others don't.

Leslie Australia

Superb customer support

I accidentily used a wrong email at purchase. I managed to contact their customer support and it was like they were waiting for me. They responded within minutes telling me they'd updated my email. The report came within mere minutes. I was relieved.

Alex Canada


Teste muito bom. Excelente. Recomendo o teste.

Rui Portugal

Needed brain training

I thought this test was great. It really made me think. Thanks a lot.

Alex Canada


The information and analytics that they provided was better than expectation. Excellent

Manahel UAE

Brain training addict

I'm addicted to brain training and abstract type puzzles, I find it helps me thinker faster on my feet. This and the extras test question via the portal were really good for me.

Tom New Zealand


I was a tad skeptical cos' I thought it was free. But I can't be sure if they actually said that. Either way, the test was challenging and I wanted more than a score. Plus it seemed better value than some others I tried. I was pleasantly impressed by the high quality of the report. No regrets whatsoever.

Francis UK

End of uni

Just finished uni and always wondered what my IQ score was. 127. There you go

Harry Australia

I was skeptical at first

I must admit I was skeptical. I thought the test was free but I guess like most decent things you have to pay. The report they sent me really well laid out. Easy to read and not too complicated for simple person like me (I'm 84). I would recommend this to others.

Harvey USA

Fun and insightful

Fun way to discover my intellectual potential. I recommend it to others.

Dan Israel


The report is in inglese. Not my language native (Italiano). But I understand most of it. My score was 110. It was good for me.

Matteo Italy

Cool IQ Test

My cousin was talking about it at Christmas so I gave it a go. It sure made me think. It was cool to find out my IQ I guess.

Waitai New Zealand

Like lightening

The email came through lightening fast. In like 5 minutes or something. I was worried it'd take hours. In the end it was very good.

Gerhard Jan Netherlands

Pattern-loving repeat customer

I bought this for my nephew who has autism. He loves it. He's probably done it about 5 times. We framed his certificates for him to hang on his wall. We're so grateful it's so easy to access and doesn't cost an arm and leg!

Hanh Australia

Easy and fast

I had never done an IQ Test before but I was always curious. Now I know. It was a fun experience :)

Valerio Italy

Great value for money

Great value for money. Excellent experience!

Erez Israel

Take test a few times

The best tip I can give others is take the test a couple of times at least so that you can get the best score. They told me that they base your results on the last test you do.

Myron Canada

Good value for money

A buddy of mine gave me the idea about taking an IQ Test after he took a Mensa test. He paid something like $70 just to get his IQ score, no report or anything. I thought was a bit much so I googled around and found this test. Saved me $50 and I got much better value.

Paul USA

Good test

I wanted to do the test iq by mensa. This test was a little difficult for me. I hoped my score was higher. But I am happy the same.

Claudio Italy

Happy to choose this test

I was always curious as to what my IQ score was.... I did some research and this seemed to be the most accurate online. I think I made a right choice.

Lars Sweden

Insightful report

The report confirmed my strengths and weaknesses as I knew them. I appreciated having a second opinion. It was a rewarding experience.

Javier Spain

Balanced test

I believe this test is fair and reasonable. It had a good balance of straight-forward and hard questions. Just right. The report was helpful for me.

Vikas India

Confidence boost

The results boosted my confidence. Thanks

Alessandra Brazil

My first IQ test

I wanted to try something different. I'd never done an Iq test before but enjoy solving puzzles. This test was a good challenge for me.

Nicky Netherlands

Senza dubbio

I expected a better score than I got 128 QI. Mamma, will be happy no doubt. She can have my certificate. :)

Luca Italy

Fast support

I had a problem with my order but customer service fixed it in no time. Thanks Jose for all your help!

Pedro Portugal

Best IQ Test Online

I compared a number of different tests online. I liked this one the most because it is the only one that provides feedback on the test.

Thomas France

90 day access should be longer

I didn't realise the Advanced IQ test was limited to 90 days... I missed out on doing it. I was a bit disappointed about that...

Phoebe Hong Kong

The longer test and practice questions were the highlight for me

I enjoyed the extra practice questions, tests and longer test in the members portal. They were very challenging for me. Really worked out my brain.

Freyja Denmark

Comprehensive test was more challenging that the first

Wait till you try the Comprehensive IQ Test. That was hard... probably the most realistic IQ test online.

Yun Canada

Real test. Real results

Real test. Real results. I like the fact they update their results daily.

Arar UAE

Was recommended

My sister is a psychologist recommended this to me after she tried it. I still haven't told her my score, I'm too embarassed! But the report really made the experience worth it.

Joan USA


I would gladly pay over $100 for that report. I could believe it was only $20. What a bargain!

Murielle Canada

Trouble logging into members portal

I had trouble logging in to the Members Portal but customer service fixed it quickly for me. They were great!

Nathalie Finland

Good breakdown, learnt something new about me

The breakdown the IQ analysis into percentiles so you know where you rank. It's helped me understand where I stand.

Pelous France

Gave it a go

It never planned on paying for my results. I thought it would be free. I rolled the dice because I didn't want to waste anymore time. I'm glad I did, the report was worth it.

Myron Canada

Unsubscribing slowed down my delivery

Make sure you don't unsubscribed from their emails before you receive your results. Otherwise it'll delay your order like it did mine. They should make that more obvious upfront.

Elias Sweden

I would like to do again

Some of the other tests are much more expensive than this one. I liked it very much. I'd do it again.

Euvaldo Brazil

Did it for fun and curiosity

I did the test for a bit of fun. No complaints, cool report.

Richard France

Repeat customer

This is the 3rd time I purchased. I just wanted to get the best score possible.

Nora Norway

Comprehensive test is NEXT LEVEL!

To be honest I thought the 20 question test was a bit easy. Then I tried the Comprehensive IQ Test - Woah! Like night and day. Man, that was hard. But it really challenged me. I'd never experienced a test like it. Well worth it.

Leslie USA

Good there is the other test

Good test overall. I enjoyed the challenge but I think the longer test via the portal was a better representation of my IQ.

Sam Hong Kong

Happy in the end

I wasn't sure if I would be happy to pay but in the end I was glad I did. The report was easy to interpret and satisfied my curiosity completely.

Ming Switzerland

Good value

Not too expensive. Report in English, would prefer Turkish. Good report the same.

Alper Turkey

Like magic

Express delivery. Like magic, it was that fast!

Astrid Sweden

Had been curious for a long time

For a long time I always insecure about my IQ. I don't know why now. I did much better than I expected. I'm glad I took this test. I recommend it.

Troy Norway

Maria was very helpful

Credit to Maria. She helped resend me my order which I deleted by accident.

Wilma Sweden

Truth or dare

Did it for a laugh. I got 105 which sounded about right.

Ted UK

Report summary

They give a good overview of your general skills. It is only a short test so it doesn't go into too much detail.

Tiago Brazil

Strong reputation

This was a fun test, I felt it was pretty accurate, and really made me think. I did the IQ test and would definitely recommend it.

Theo Spain

Hesitated at first

Although I hesitated to pay the fee, I don't regret it. They give you detailed feedback and analysis. It was more than I expected.

Helmut Norway

Boredom cure

Bored one day, I stumbled upon this test. It really stretched my brain and I got curious what my score would be. Well 100 is not bad. I can't complain!

Cathleen Australia

Con Feedback

This is the only IQ Test online that give question and answer feedback. I recommend to others. It's very transparent.

Domenico Italy

Memory check

6 years ago our Dad started losing his memory. One year challenged him to this test. Well he did better than we thought which gave us some peace of mind. The report was insightful.

Patrick Ireland

Value for money

At first I didn't pay, but there was a discount offer which I took up which made it worth it to me. It was brilliant report. I couldn't fault it.

Thorleif Denmark

My youngest loved the certificate

I actually just got this for my kids. My eldest found it easy, my youngest loves the certificate. We had it printed it out in Walmart and hung it up on the wall. He felt real pround. Thanks guys.

Douglas USA

Detailed analysis

The analysis in the report was very thorough. I got a lot out of the commentary and feedback. Thank You.

CK Malaysia

Best value for money

Highly accurate IQ test. The results matched the last test I did last year but half the price.

Ghada UAE

Had questions, got answers

I didn't understand one of the pages of the report so I asked some questions to customer support they answered them and more. I was very impressed.

Filippo Austria

5 min delivery

The results came through to my gmx email with just 5 minutes. I was real impressed with the report. I won't say my IQ but I will just say I was happy.

Anirban Germany

Great experience

The test was super. I think a time limit would make it better. otherwise it was a wonderful experience. Danke

Fatih Germany

I liked the extra test - it was longer and felt more balanced

A short but satisfying test. I enjoyed the Advanced IQ Test more.

Alice Singapore

Good value

I don't know why my results were sent to my junk mail. I was anxiously waiting for 1 hours before checking there. It was okay in the end. Apart from that the product was very good value.

Annika Norway


This company is very professional. An excellent test and report. Grazie mille!

Laura Italy

Good test

Is a good test. Nice results.

Felipe Brazil

So worth it!

Worth it. Don't hesitate to try this out. Fast delivery, great customer service!

Lai Fun Lillian Hong Kong

A bit disappointed, I probably should have practiced

Disappointed that my IQ score was not as high as what I thought. Other than that at least they gave me feedback. Every other test I've done refuses to do the same.

Chloe Singapore

Deeper understanding of my strengths

Easy experience. Gave me a good understanding myself and my strengths. This was my first iq test. My score was slightly below what I expected that that's okay.

Ivar Finland

Report was well structured

Report was structured well and explained thoroughly. Easy to follow.

Luisa Finland

Easy to read

Nice test. I liked it. Easy to read report. Not too complicated.

Adam Sweden

So much easier than it used to be

Terrific experience! About 25 years ago I sat in a great big hall with proctors and other test takers for a Mensa test that took about 3 hrs and produced the same result as this test! Better yet this time I got to do it on my iphone on the sofa. I much prefer this one.

Mark New Zealand


I loved this test! It was great, I recommend it to otheres

Dalit Israel

1st time experience

I didn't really plan to pay for an IQ Test. I thought they were all free. I thought why not. It was better than I expected. I've never purchased a report addressed to me before. That felt nice. I was happy with my score too!

Nur Marsya Amani Malaysia

Faster than expected

I thought the results would go lost or something but they ended up being very fast.

Ghassen France

I'd always wanted to know my IQ score

Singapore is a studiously competitive country. I was always curious what my IQ was. Glad I finally found out :)

Xu Singapore

Q &A feedback is not very common with IQ tests. This is one of the few that provides it.

Most tests I had done online had too many ads and the results were all different. This was one of the only tests I'd done which gives clear question and answer solution feedback. It was truly great!

Karandeep India


David Keene Canada

124 IQ

THE BEST IQ TEST in the WORLD~~~! Thanks guys!!!!!!

Dolreich India

Brilliant reports!

I didn't know what to expect because there wasn't much information on the website. But the report turned out just fantastic! Highly recommended!

Stephen UK

Bought it for my boys

I paid for this test for my two boys. They enjoyed it. I just want to gauge their IQ. I thought it was a good test for them.

McKenzie USA

Honest company

An very honest company. There was a problem with their website and I could finish my test. They offered a refund without me asking. I am very grateful.

Sushant India

Raven's Progressive Matricies

I was looking for a Raven's Progressive Matricies test and am glad I found this IQ Test. I enjoyed the report and the other practice questions they give you.

Emilee Australia

Emails in English, but easy to understand

I actually paid for the test for my grandmother. She said she couldn't understand the emails because they were in English. I had to translate them for her. I thought the test was good to give her some confidence about her mental health.

Ella Sweden

Fast delivery

Incredibly fast delivery. I read about other tests online delaying and sometimes failing to deliver at all. I certainly didn't experience that with my purchase. Highly recommend it!

Linda Denmark

Much faster than I expected. I had a bad feeling it might take a while

Fast delivery, took just 5 minutes to come through. I read the reviews of other test providers who promise 'instant delivery' but take forever to respond. I was relieved this did not happen to me.

Geni USA

Trouble downloading PDF

The results came by email I had trouble with the link they gave me but it's because of a setting in Chrome. They helped sort it out for me. Great service btw. Cheers!

Zara Canada

Was a bit delayed

The only annoying thing about the whole experience was that my results got sent to my spam folder. I thought I'd been ripped off. But it was okay. Other than that I thought it was a good product.

Marie Ireland

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